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If You've EVER Wanted To Be The LIFE OF THE PARTY
And Have Friends CRYING with Laughter Within MINUTES of Meeting Them, Then You Absolutely MUST Read This Page –
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"Definitely the funniest guy on the planet today!
In this course, Max Matterson shares his secret comedy system. Just follow these rules and you WILL become hilariously funny, WITHOUT a question. Thank you, Max!"

- Bradley Thompson, best-selling author, speaker

Dear Friend

Let's be absolutely honest.

Everybody loves individuals that make them laugh.

We instantly warm to their positivity.

They make us SMILE. They make us FEEL GOOD. They give us those uncontrollable belly chuckles we hope NEVER end.

It's a fantastic feeling.

These individuals become the LEGENDS that everyone wants to know.

Maybe you know someone like that in your social circle right now?

Well, let me ask a question...

What if that was YOU?

Can you IMAGINE yourself literally making your friends CRY with LAUGHTER?

Imagine them uncontrollably laughing, clutching their stomachs, tears streaming down their face, revelling in your fantastic humor.

They completely LOVE you.

Can you IMAGINE being SO quick witted, NO-ONE ELSE can keep up with you?

Each line just flows STRAIGHT out of your mouth, time after time – the funniest, wittiest banter you've ever heard. And your friends are LOVING IT, howling at your comedy.

You look super intelligent. Your friends admire you. You become the funny quick man that everybody wants to know.


How would that FEEL?

Well, I'm here to tell you... This really CAN be you!
And it ISN'T difficult, once you discover the SECRETS to mastering your humor.

It may seem creative, but humor is actually very logical. If you memorize a FEW SIMPLE RULES, you can master the sort of WITTY HUMOR that EVERYONE admires.

There's a surprisingly simple formula you need to use.

And I want to share that SECRET FORMULA with YOU.

"I've studied the brain for twenty years, and thought I knew all of the ways to be 'quick witted.' I was wrong! This course is BRILLIANT. It shows ANYONE how to become the central funny man of ANY party. I love it -
It's already making a HUGE difference in my life!"

- Michael Masterman, author, speaker

“Here's How One SHY STUDENT Turned Into a Comedy Genius!

I'm Max Matterson and I've worked in the world of comedy for the past 20 years.

I've helped write some fantastic comedy scripts. I've given stand-up "speeches" to audiences of almost 1000 people at a time. I've personally mentored over a hundred students on "The Art of Comedy" - and even contributed to the e-book, "Comedy Writing Secrets."

In fact, one student of mine recently said this about me ...

“Max is one of the most quick witted men I have ever met. His style, his timing, his presentation - immaculate. If you EVER get the chance to train with this guy, drop everything and do it. Meeting Max was a life-changing experience for me – and it can be for you too!”

That was Patrick Price, known on the circuit as “PP.”

But I don't say this to impress you.

I'm saying it to impress UPON YOU that I know how to deliver comedy.

And YOU'RE my next student!

Now let me tell you something... “PP” is one funny guy. He's actually comedy GOLD.

He can walk straight into ANY bar in ANY town and have a crowd of people hanging onto his every word within FIVE MINUTES.

When I see him in action today, I'll be honest – I'm PROUD.

But he wasn't always like that!

No way. When PP joined one of my private classes a few years ago, things didn't seem too hopeful.

He was shy. He stumbled when telling even the most basic joke. He didn't understand wit, or banter, and had absolutely NO socializing skills.

However, by following a few SIMPLE STEPS, I showed PP how to BECOME FUNNY.

So, what are those steps?

And why am I bothering to teach them?

"They laughed when I said I was going to become a comedian. They're not laughing now!"

- Bob Monkhouse, professional comedian

Are You Ready to WIN FRIENDS & Impress Everyone?
Then Follow This "Comedy System" to Become SUPER-FUNNY!

You know, I started teaching completely by accident.

It happened over ten years ago, when I was doing a little coaching with a few potential comedians back in my early days.

And suddenly one of the “wise guys” came up to me.

“Max, why'd ya bother helping these nerds? Someone is either funny or they ain't!” cracked the Brooklyn accent. “There's NO WAY you can MAKE someone funny!”

My comeback was instant:

“Are you KIDDING? Of COURSE you can make someone funny!” I replied. “We're all secretly hilarious. We just don't realize it yet!”

And - for once - I wasn't joking!

Since that time, my work has helped over 8,000 students across the globe become funny.

I've travelled the world giving talks. I've personally mentored individuals by e-mail. And I've sold thousands of courses online, sharing my secrets with individuals like you.

And you know what? My students weren't all stand-up comedians.

In fact, comedians were a MINORITY!

Most individuals attending my classes were successful business people, and younger men and women looking to improve their social skills. They wanted to develop a classy wit to help them in life.

Does that sound like you?

Are YOU interested in being able to do any of the following... ?

Instantly WIN FRIENDS – With your razor sharp humor and wit
IMPRESS your POTENTIAL MATE – Make that boy or girl fall for you!
Make Colleagues Say “WOW!” – Amaze everyone with how SHARP you are!
Cut BIG BUSINESS DEALS – Watch clients melt with your humor!
Be the CENTER of ATTENTION – Have everyone in awe of your quick wit
Gain CONFIDENCE – Watch how your life changes, as you laugh more!
Enjoy FANTASTIC HEALTH – Science proves that laughter HEALS!

Let me tell you something...

The people in this world have already taught you a LOT about comedy.

They told you that BEING FUNNY is a GIFT. They've told you that BEING WITTY is TOUGH and requires super-intelligence. They told you that you're NOT FUNNY.

And you know what?


Like almost everything else in life, humor is simply a SYSTEM.

Simply follow the system step-by-step – and you'll have EVERYONE laughing at your quick wit.

It's EASY.

That's why I've spent the past year writing my ultimate course to developing your wit in absolute RECORD time.

It's called, simply, “How to Be Funny” – and it can be yours. WITHIN MINUTES!!

"Absolutely brilliant course. Max is a comic genius!
And after reading this course, so am I. Definitely."

- Karl Moore, best-selling author, speaker

Discover the COMEDY SECRETS from Max Matterson!
Learn How to Turn Your Life Around with LAUGHTER!

So, are YOU ready to turbo-charge your humor - and have EVERYONE craving your attention?

Discovering my “How to Be Funny” course is just like attending an action-packed week-long seminar with myself personally.

You'll discover EXACTLY how to tune into your inner-comedian – and follow my simple step-by-step plan for reeling off witticisms that will leave EVERYONE crying with laughter!

You'll discover how to ADAPT your humor to EXACTLY fit the situation – and how to make EVEN THE MOST BORING of individuals crease up in amusement!

It's NOT difficult. It's a SIMPLE SYSTEM.

And it WILL work for you!

Here's just a SAMPLE of what you'll discover inside my brand new course, “How to Be Funny”:

Discover the TWO UNDERLYING RULES of every single piece of comedy. Miss these and you'll never realize what makes things funny!
FIVE QUICK TRICKS for creating comedy out of THIN AIR! (All of the BEST comedians use these tricks with HUGE success. Fantastic for “quick comebacks!”)
Learn how to put on your “HUMOR HEAD” – and the “satellite” technique for creating “connections” that will have your audience in STICHES!
The SIMPLE FIVE-STEP PLAN for developing ONE-LINERS you can use at ANY time! You'll seem SUPER original with these, and it only takes a couple of seconds!
Create your own HILARIOUS LIMERICKS, as you speak, using this amazing five-step system!
The SEVEN-STEP “BODY LANGUAGE” FORMULA – And how you can use it to TURBO-CHARGE your jokes. This one is a MUST!!
Discover why EVERYONE talks about “COMEDY TIMING” – And discover the FOUR STEPS you must follow to MASTER the art!
The TWELVE WAYS to stay SUPER-COOL, even if your jokes FALL FLAT and you're under a LOT of pressure!!
When you SHOULD and SHOULDN'T rehearse – and the THREE-POINT PLAN for how to rehearse!
Why TONGUE TWISTERS can be INCREDIBLY funny – BUT ONLY when used correctly. Plus, discover how they can actually IMPROVE your speech!
The SECRET SYSTEM for creating your own jokes – and why you need to know it, even if you're NOT a comedian!
Discover the DIFFERENT TYPES of humor – And why you MUST know the difference!
The SECRETS behind Spoonerisms, Malapropisms, Daffynitions, Puns and Metaphors – And how to create your own (WITHOUT sounding cheesy!) within NANOSECONDS!
How to develop your own OSCAR WILDE WIT, based on irony, parody and satire! (Truly, truly hilarious! You can use THESE techniques anywhere for BIG laughs!)
“The RULE of THREE” – What it means, why you need to know it, and you can use it to make yourself EVEN FUNNIER!
How to get overcome NERVES and SPEECH PROBLEMS – using these SIMPLE TRICKS!
Ten SUPER-SHARP methods of dealing with audience “put-downs!”
How to incorporate your HUMOR into social scenes, business presentations, even on the stand-up circuit!!

So, can you just IMAGINE how you could use this information?

Even if you're already a pretty funny guy or girl, you could take it ALL to the next level – when you discover the COMEDY SECRETS nobody else has ever shared with you.

I can see you in a wine bar. Surrounded by crowds of girls and guys, all standing around, crying with laughter. They love you. They respect you.


You've become Number One, because you're QUICK WITTED.

That's what this course will give you.

All you have to do is let me teach you the secrets.

"Wonderful course! I love to use humor to help calm my clients - and this is perfect. I'm a logical person, so it's great to discover that comedy follows RULES like everything else. Thanks for making me witty, Max!"

- Jenny Lansbury, UK dream analysis expert

Ready to Discover the SECRETS to DEVELOPING your HUMOR?
Buy the Course TODAY -- At Our BEST EVER PRICE!!

So – Could YOU benefit from the COMEDY SECRETS inside this course?

Can YOU imagine yourself delivering KILLER WIT, just like some of the late night TV hosts that I've PERSONALLY trained?

Remember, there's a SIMPLE SYSTEM behind all comedy.

And learning it is EASY!

PLUS – If you decide to order my special comedy course during , you'll ALSO receive:
150+ HILARIOUS quotes and one-liners that will have your audience CRYING with laughter!
15 Fantastically FUNNY tongue-twisters to memorize (And NO, these AREN'T what you'd think!)
The 17-POINT Funny Guide to Writing! Make even boring e-mails scream with your own brand of CLASSY humor!

No kidding.

You'll receive the ENTIRE “How to Be Funny” course, PLUS these THREE free bonuses, when you decide to purchase the entire course TODAY.

So, how MUCH will it cost you to discover this SECRET SYSTEM of developing your humor – and becoming the QUICK WITTED person EVERYBODY wants to know?

Our official retail price is $59.95.

HOWEVER, if you decide to purchase BEFORE MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, you'll receive EVERYTHING FOR JUST $35.95!! JUST $29.95!!!!

That's LESS than the cost of a decent lunch for two.

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"Definitely the funniest guy on the planet today!
In this course, Max Matterson will share his secret comedy system. Just follow this rules and you WILL become hilariously funny, WITHOUT a question. Thank you, Max!"

- Bradley Thompson, Best-Selling Author

PLUS: Claim These FREE Bonuses When You Purchase!
INCLUDING a POWERFUL Comedy Hypnosis Session!

Interested in developing SUPER-QUICK WIT using the SECRETS of COMEDY?

Well, it gets EVEN BETTER.

Purchase TODAY and you'll ALSO receive a whole THREE EXTRA BONUS SECTIONS, including 150+ FANTASTIC one-liners and put-downs you MUST memorize... my BONUS guide to adding humor to ANY kind of writing...

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(This is ONE VERY SPECIAL, ultra-exclusive, SECRET TOOL! You won't find this ANYWHERE ELSE. Simply listen as world-renowned hypnotist Randy helps refine your speaking skills, so that you can improve on your KILLER WIT and make your friends go "WOW!!!!")

And yes, this is ALL included at the DISCOUNTED PRICE of just $29.95!!

So let's quickly review what you'll receive when you purchase TODAY:

The ENTIRE "How to Be Funny" Course The ENTIRE “How to Be Funny” Course – Discover the SIMPLE comedy secrets that no-one else will tell you! Have your friends and colleagues crying with laughter, and admiring your wit. Become the person EVERYBODY wants to know!
THREE Bonus Sections, WITH ONE-LINERS! THREE Bonus Sections, WITH ONE-LINERS! – Including over 150 HILARIOUS quotes and one-liners, 15 tongue-twisters that will get anyone laughing, plus my BONUS 17-point funny guide to writing!
EXCLUSIVE Screensaver EXCLUSIVE Screensaver – Turn your computer downtime into comedy uptime! Just sit back as you pick up the fantastic one-liners displayed in this beautiful, EXCLUSIVE screensaver!
Over 270 FREE COMEDY GIZMOS POWERFUL Comedy Confidence HYPNOSIS Session – Want to deliver your jokes with flair and confidence? This public speaking hypnosis session, from hypnotist Randy Charach, will rocket your humor delivery!

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"I've studied the brain for twenty years, and thought I knew all of the ways to be 'quick witted.' I was wrong! This course is BRILLIANT. It shows ANYONE how to become the central funny man of ANY party. I love it -
It's already making a HUGE difference in my life!"

- Michael Masterman, author, speaker

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“Fantastic course, thank you Max! I've missed your last three big seminars in LA, so when I saw this course I was thrilled. Genuinely brilliant, I'm so INSPIRED by you. Thanks again for writing 'How to Be Funny!'”

- Catherine Brock, hypqueen19**
- Tinley Park, IL



Being funny isn't DIFFICULT.

Being funny is a SYSTEM!

And when you discover the tiny secrets that make up that system, you'll be able to repeat them over and over again – and have people around you BURSTING into laughter, at YOUR command!

I will teach you those tiny secrets.

And within DAYS, you'll become quick witted.

No kidding.

Let me show you how to become a witty comedy LEGEND in your own social circle. It's EASY. You just need to say “Yes!”

Click on this button to discover the entire course starting TODAY. Remember, it's TOTALLY RISK-FREE!

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Check out the course. You'll LOVE IT!

Best wishes,

Max Matterson
Max Matterson, "The Teacher of Comedy"
Director of How to be
Part of the Self Development Network

PS. The ENTIRE COURSE and all of the freebies are TOTALLY exclusive to this site!
You can't buy them ANYWHERE ELSE. And please beware of cheap imitations found on eBay and rival sites. This ISN'T a “joke compilation CD”. It's a fully-fledged comedy secrets course that took over a YEAR to write. Discover for yourself – click here!

PPS. Remember, the course is COMPLETELY RISK-FREE! You can try out the entire course for a WHOLE SIX MONTHS. If you're not happy after that time, simply let us know – and my publisher will refund every cent you paid. Does it get any easier? Click HERE to purchase!

PPPS. This could be your ONE and ONLY CHANCE to develop your WIT!! Let's be honest, how much have you spent developing your personality and humor so far? NOTHING! So why not TREAT your personality right now – and begin ENJOYING a fantastic sense of humor that will serve you for YEARS to come, starting TODAY! Click HERE to purchase!

"Absolutely brilliant course. Max is a comic genius!
And after reading this course, so am I. Definitely."

- Karl Moore, best-selling author, speaker
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